Implementation Shortfall - Explicit costs

Why is commission calculated with the paper portfolio investment?


Commission is calculated with assumption that the entire block will be sold - that is the way of the process. I think it is assuming an averaging across the entire block, and given that it is a tip of the iceberg in terms of costs - it would not cause too many issues.

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To overcome possible gaming virtue of VWAP, you use Implementation shortfall.

Implementation shortfall - difference in return between the paper portfolio - Actual return

Paper portfolio is established assuming the entire block is sold & at the decision price (prevaling price when the decision of investment was made)

So commissions - most visible part are calculated assuming the cost incurred if entire block would be sold. So commision is divided by paper portfolio amount.

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It can be a huge time saver in the heat of the exam if you have a solid reasoning for each calculation piece , deliberately and intentionally. I’m the type that could do a thousand problems before the exam without thinking and then waste a lot of time thinking of trivia like this during the exam .

to confirm and as a ready reckoner.

Explicit - full size of order

Implicit costs

realized gain/loss -> on the portion bought / sold (actual portfolio)

delay costs -> on the portion bought/sold (paper portfolio)

missed trade opportunity costs (as the name implies) -> on the portion NOT bought/sold = Order Size - Portion Bought / Sold.