Importance and Wieghtage of each study session and the session in which it usually comes in an a single sheet for everyone

I compiled this in an excel sheet for all level 3 candidates . M also a Level 3 candidate for June 2013 . Plx pray i pass . These sources are comiled using CFAI MATERIAL , BPP and Finquiz . i donot claim any responsibilty for this . Hope this helps

Study Session Reading No as per CFAI Importance ( SOURCE BPP Study Guide) Weight (Source Finquiz) Where is study session Usually Tested in Morning/Afternoon Session (SOURCE BPP Study Guide ) Study Session 1 Reading 1 Very High 10% 2 Item Sets in Afternoon Paper Reading 2 Very High Study Session 2 Reading 3 Low Reading 4 Low Reading 5 Low Reading 6 Very High Study Session 3 Reading 7 High 5-10 % Usually ( but not exclusively) tested in the morning session . You can expect to have one question relating to this study session Reading 8 High Reading 9 High Study Session 4 Reading 10 Very High 10-15% Always tested in the morning session . You can expect the first question of the paper to be on IPS for an individual investor , followed by a question on selecting the most appropriate strategic asset allocation for the individual . Reading 11 Moderate Reading 12 Low Reading 13 Low Reading 14 Low Study Session 5 Reading 15 Very High 10-15% Always tested in the morning session . You can expect one question on the IPS for one type of institutional investor ( pension funds , foundations , endowments , insurance company or bank ) Reading 16 Moderate Reading 17 Low Study Session 6 Reading 18 Moderate 5-10 % Can be tested in either paper of the exam . Study Session 7 Reading 19 Medium Likely to be tested as a small part of large structured response question or as part of an item set Reading 20 Low Study Session 8 Reading 21 High 5-10 % Will be tested in morning session . Most probably will be tested with selecting a suitable portfolio for an individual investor / institutional investor Reading 22 Low Study Session 9 Reading 23 Very High 10-20% generally tested in the afternoon session . But has sometimes appeared as a question In the morning paper Reading 24 Moderate Study Session 10 Reading 25 Very High predonimantly tested within the item set section Reading 26 Low Study Session 11 Reading 27 High 5-15 % generally tested in the morning paper , but has sometimes appeared as an item set in the afternoon paper Study Session 12 Reading 28 Low This study sesiion is low priority .and Infrequently this material is tested Reading 29 Low Reading 30 Low Study Session 13 Reading 31 Moderate 5-15 % Alternative Investments are generally tested as part of a larger IPS question in the morning paper and can also be tested as item set in the afternoon paper . Reading 32 Low Reading 33 Low Study Session 14 Reading 34 High 5-15 % Generally tested as part of a question in the morning paper but could also appear as an item set in the afternoon paper Reading 35 Moderate Study Session 15 Reading 36 Moderate 5-15 % usually tested in the afternoon paper as an item set but is sometimes tested in the morning paper . Emphasis is on understanding how derivative transactions canreduce portfolio risk Reading 37 Moderate Reading 38 Moderate Study Session 16 Reading 39 Moderate 5-15 % This study session is likely to be tested as a structured response question in the morning paper . The area most regularly tested in comparing and contrasting different rebalincing strategies Reading 40 High Study Session 17 Reading 41 Moderate 5-10 % most likely in afternoon session Reading 42 Low Study Session 18 Reading 43 HIgh 5% You can expect one structured response question in the morning paper

Due to forums formating the above post is not that clear for clearity visit!298&authkey=!AHjpWMJw3bSJrUE

Weights are as follows for all those who are not visiting the above link . i recommend to download or view the excel file in the above link . if u r not then the weight mentioned in the first comment are not clear due to formatting issue … below mentioned are only the weight for each study session

ss 1-2 10 %

ss 3 - 5-10 %

ss 4 - 10-15 %

ss 5 - 10-15 %

ss 6-7 - 5 -10 %

ss 8 5-10 %

ss 9-10 10-20 %

ss 11 -12 5-15 %

ss 13 5-15 %

ss 14 5-15 %

ss 15 5-15 %

ss 16 5-15 %

ss 17 5-10 %

ss 18 5 %

One thing to keep in mind is that the exam questions are clearly separated by topic as in levels 1 and 2.

Expect many of the non portfolio management topics to be addressed in portfolio management questions.

The only assumptions that I would be willing to make is to expect 2-3 risk/return essay questions in the AM and ethics to appear in the PM anything else could show up anywhere.


I know this question has been hammered at every CFA forums but I’m gonna repeat it anyway- what is your take on CFAI materials Vs Schweser? I liked your sum up regarding weightage very much and would like to hear your opinions on the materials as well.

Thanks again.

As an appendage to my previous post, my question about materials is regarding CFA Level 3. I’m giving it this June.

in level 1 and level 2 i didnt read any book … just did the qbank and mocks as i had only 28 days for level 1 when i started and around 50 days for level 2

so i went for practise only .

so i m not the correct person to ans this ques , according to most of the people cfai book is better … if u have time fo for cfai . if u have less time then schweser … it wont matter that much . key is to practise more in my opinion … spend atleast 75% of your alloted time on practise

the only way i think to retain so much data is to practise …


50 days for level 2? Wow! we have a genius here :wink:

Thanks for your input. It helps :slight_smile:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone vetted this to confirm its accuracy? Good tool if the information presented is correct.

it is compiled by me … sources are bpp and finquiz … so information is from bpp and finquiz so u can depend more then 75 %

hope so

Bump. Anyone else using this to target critical study sessions/focus on most important topics?

This is the link to the spreadsheet musabdada put together containing the importance and weighting of each study session!298&authkey=!AHjp…

thanks enyc :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx musa…!! Good stuff . And you are right as well, alot of practise is required especially of past papers for level 3 only reading the text wont do good…!!

Agreed !!


This is amazing. I really hope it is accurate

Even if its not really accurate, I felt its kind of indicative of the effort we need to allocate to these SS over the next 39 days :slight_smile: Thank u very much musabdada…