Importance of Ethics?

(I am taking Level II tomorrow) Question - how does ethics play in terms of a borderline candidate? For the below candidates, who would fail and who would pass? Say the passing rate is 70% Candidate 1 scores 69% but scores over 70% on ethics. Candidate 2 scores 71% but scores below 70% on ethics. Thanks!

You have the wrong attitude going into the test. Try to have a more combative attitude and don’t expect any charity from the CFAI. In any case I would say Candidate 2 passes. I remember a guy last year scoring in Band 10 and over 70 in ethics and still failing.

I’ve taken 6 (Schweser) practice tests and the CFAI mock. I got a bit below 67% on 3 of them and 70% on one of them, so just trying to see what I can expect.

I don’t understand why people worry about this crap. Do the best you can do on the test. That’s what everyone’s going to do. Are you going to purposely and get a lower score now because you think you’ll nail ethics? or are you going to try extra hard now on the other questions because you think your ethics is below par? These sort of threads are the epitome of retardedness.

IF the passing rate is 70 the second candidate is not borderline. He passes. The first one is borderline, and he passes the first filter which is ethics. Then for borderline candidates there are other secondary filters, like some certain questions which the committee considers obligatory for candidates to know. Out of the bunch of candidates with the same score and who pass ethics, there will be passes and failures depending on these must-know questions.

No need to be ridiculously unpleasant publicly trying to humiliate others. Besides it gives you bad karma, believe it or not. Cheerful and kind people are usually lucky

Ethics is 15% important at level 1, 10% important at level 2 and 3.