Importance of various topics in CFA level I

Hi All,

I am preparing for CFA level I and would like to know your opinion about the importance of various topics. Such as ethics and FRA (Financial reporting & analysis) are most important and it is must for a candidate to score well in these two topics to clear the exam (that’s what I am told by various friends).

I want to know is it fine to give the importance of topics as per the weightage give by CFA Institute? I feel it would be better to know the important topics and start with those topics first. As per my understanding CFA institute rates the performance under three categories >70%, 50%-70% and <=50%. Anyone having above 70% in all topics is a champ (which i won’t dream of :P) and clears the exam right away. Please provide me some clarity about the following.

  • To pass level I one has to score above 70% in how many topics? Same way in how many topics one should score 50%-70%?
  • Is it mandatory to score more than 70% in any topic to be successful? Or it is just combination of performance (for example, it is possible to clear the exam even if one scores 50%-70% in ethics & FRA, quantitative analysis, but scored more than 70% in economics, portfolio management, equity, derivatives and less than 50% in fixed income & alternative investment)
  • What kind of study approach generally gives better results equal importance to all topics or preparing the topics as per the importance given to them by CFA Institute?

Thanks for your time and inputs.

I passed in December with the below scores:

Ethics 70% +

Portfolio Man 70%+

Derivatives 70% +

Equities 70%+

FRA 51% - 69%

Fxd Income 51% - 69%

Alternatives 51% - 69%

Econ 51% - 69%

Corp Finance and Quants <50%

The real secrete to passing is to just ignore what people tell you and focus on revision, do as many questions as possible and make sure you read the questions properly.

Wow.I had the thinking that you must score 70+ in all areaas to pass the exam.