Important CFA Results Information

Just got an email with this title but I can’t access it at work, anyone know received a similar email wanna let me know whats it about? :frowning:

probably giving you the date results are released and the link to access them.

It put the 23rd out online, after 9 am. Coming Soon: December 2009 results will be available on Wednesday, 27 January after 9:00 a.m. ET

I always get such a warm and fuzzy feeling about the way they communicate exam results. “The “<=50%” range is considered poor; “51%–70%” is considered poor to average; “>70%” is considered average to above average.”

damn I thought they were saying they would give results earlier than expected

If you’re Band 10 or Band 9, do you really want to know that sooner?

yea cuz I could have passed also

I dont understand this band thing.

the 10th band is the closest to passing (out of all the failers)…and and the 1st is the furthest away.

I hope you get 1st band sundusg!! Because you are #1 girl on AF!! joking

if i end up getting band 1, cfagoal2, I will get back at you for cursing my result. ty 406, in this case I’d be happier getting band 6 or something instead of the 10th band, which would be just sad

lol I wonder how it feels for the people receiving their results and seeing band 1, hope I never find out

Band 1 has to be girls taking the exam hoping to find a husband… like Sundusg_?

pony, I’m married.


Ya it seems like everyone gets the top couple bands though…never heard of someone getting a lower band.

nuppal, I wouldn’t lie about my sacred marriage 406, maybe the people who got the lower bands are too miserable to tell anybody about it

I’m guess the lower bands are the guys who asked me before the exam, “Yo, what does capital structure mean?”

Well, what does it mean?

If you get band 1,2,3 you HAVE to know even going into the exam that there’s just no chance right? That or you just cracked the books the week before. I don’t see how if you study you can do so bad.