Important-hence posting here as well!

Guys, I have posted this for L-3 candidates given the fact that they are the best to answer this question on L-1. Where do you find questions CLOSEST to what appear on the test day for Level-1? 1. CFA mocks 2. CFA sample exams 3. CFA end of chapter questions 4. Schweser end of chapter questions 5. Schweser Practice questions- Volumes 1 and 2 6. Schweser Q-Bank 7. None of these! If you answer 1 or 2 (which I strongly feel), also advise how different the other options are vis-a-vis the real test-too easy, too difficult, too calculation-induced etc. I do understand all the above will be a good source for practice purposes, but if I want to have a look at the questions which most closely resemble the real ones appearing on the test day, what will you vote for? Thanks,

1 and 2 are almost identical to the real thing. 4 and 6 are pretty easy, 3 can be too detailed and take too much time on things that aren’t focused on the LOS…

i relied on volume 1 and the areas i was week in i did the CFA end of chapter questions

I only used 4 & 5 and felt that 5 was more difficult than the actual exam for Level I.

Bankin’ Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I only used 4 & 5 and felt that 5 was more > difficult than the actual exam for Level I. Same thing for me

Thanks very much guys- so it’s a big bang for the buck to purchase as many sample exams as you can from the institute- I guess it’s a max of 3.

For L1, I only did Q-bank questions. Huge mistake. The real exam is nothing like Q-bank, but q-bank is still ok for drilling down the concepts. For L2, I focused more on the mock and q-bank. The mock and sample exams will better prepare you for the real thing.

I would def. buy at least 1 or 2 of the sample and mock exams as you could. Having it come right from the source is a huge help. I agree, I thought some of the Schweser practice exams were harder, but not overall. However, I though Qbank on level 1 rocked. It isn’t as helpful in levels 2 or 3, however I did almost every one on level 1 and totally think that was part of the reason I passed.

i used schweser and CFA mocks exclusively and they did the job

So it looks like Q-Bank is proving to be almost as good as mocks and samples–at least for level-1.