Important Information About Upcoming Exams

Don’t get turned away on exam day because your identification does not meet our requirements. Hear about these important requirements by clicking on the video at

If this information is extremely important, then video is probably the worst medium to send it out. I got this email yesterday and I was like “Oh, I better read this email” but I was on my phone, so I couldn’t watch the video, and I still haven’t had a chance to watch the video.

“Hey guys, we made a video, so now you can’t complain about our bullshit admissions policy.”

How exactly is this ANY different than Level 1 exams in Dec?

It probably isn’t, but when I took L1 in Dec 2010 a passport wasn’t required, all you needed was a valid driver’s license.

Double post.

On the bright side, you’re now set to travel internationally.

Although it was such a mess trying to get the passport before registration, because the government can take quite a while to process it

Yea, thats one of the main reasons I didn’t take L2 last year. I think it’s better that I took the year off though.