Important Information About Your CFA Exam Result

Holy shit almost gave me a heart attack

omg omg omg

Right now I’m still praying that I will eventually even get that email…

Anyone else not received it yet?

Check spam and junk mail on server and client.

I have. No email. :frowning:

All of the other emails from the CFAI have arrived just fine.

i think it takes some time to get to everyone so i’d just be patient and keep checking your spam.

Pcp investigation confirmed sorry cj. Maybe you could try ops?

Dang. I was really looking forward to being able to guarantee superior returns.

Do you think that one time I spent 5 straight minutes staring at my neighbors answer sheet may have given them the impression I was cheating?

Was there any leaning? Talking? Did you ask to borrow their pencil or calculator mid exam?

John Wick killed a man with a pencil. What did you do with it?

I was cleared of PCP violations because I convinced CFAI I was staring at my neighbor’s cleavage, not her answer sheet.