Important People to Remember

Since I have seen couple of questions on just identifying the names of people who have made significant contribution in deriving the financial concepts and I am very poor in remembering the names, I thought it will be easier to list down all the names here just to keep track.

As far as I know here are some:

Harry M. Markowitz: Modern Portfolio Theory

Mr Porter: Five forces

I don’t remember the name of the guys who came up with the valuation analysis of equity and this is the question I missed.

Please list down all as you remember, but please make sure you list some details about the person. By the way, let’s not forget Mr Andrew Holmes for making our lives better.

Fischer: Fischer Relation

Modigliani& Miller: Theories of Capital Structure

This thread was a good idea: Off the top of my head,

Graham, Dodd, and Williams - Earnings Power and discounting are central themes in Investment Analysis

Black, Scholes and Merton - Option Pricing Formula

Dickey and Fuller - Test to see if a time series has a unit root and is therefore not covariance stationary

Durbin Watson - Autocorrelation Test

Gordon - Gordon Growth Model

Breusch-Pagan - Conditional Heteroskedacity

Is it possible to come up with full names of threse people and perhaps individual contribution as you know there is a very slim margin in the correct and incorrect answer choice?

Pastor schaum - equity valuation model which includes liquidity prem to (I forgot) model

  • Graham and Dodd

  • John Burt or something like that - first person to use dividends for company valuation

Liq prem to Fama French.

Burmeister Roll and Ross - macro econ multi factor

John Burr Williams - first one to value a company using forecasting and discounting

@Unforseen I think I got question on one exam on John Williams. I wasn’t even sure who he was.

Engle-Granger Test - test for unit root in time series.