important post-exam discussion - any hot proctors?

There usually are a few every year that tempt the poor test-takers. Anyone catch a glimpse of any?

Actually, my center had a few (Toronto), I thought. And one kept stopping at my desk…I am not kidding…lol

not one in Vancouver, looked like the staff of a union local.

Think there were a couple in Boston…or maybe they were just average and the stress was starting to make me imagine things.

There was one tall guy in Sacramento, and I think I remember him there all three years.

He’s the only thing I’m going to miss about this if I get good news in August. Well, him and you guys.

none in uk, all were 70+ and thoroughly nice people, not like the horror stories you hear about evil proctors

there were some cute chinese chicks, the proctors were millitant in appearance and demeanor.

We had one blondie in Cape Town. But she looked a bit unsettled and it killed the spirit of the exam for me.

Section 316?

Proctors were all big cows in Nashville, looked like a big stockyard in Iowa, but they were nice ladies.

I was in 303…there were two of them actually all the way to the right side of the hall! Quite nice…too bad I didnt have time till the end of PM to take a good look…lol…

Well that’s where my section was…at the right most extreme. We had one proctor pleasing to the eye. Whenever I got tired of writing, I’d look up and scan for her.


There was a decent looking lady with glasses in one of the Level 3 sections. haha

Oh really, I was at the back of the room, appeared to be 2 sections of L3 writers, one full of people and one that had about 40 seats and 5 people in it. Heard there may have been some L3 writers at the very front of the room as well.

I was sitting close to front of the room in Section T. The protctors all looked and dressed like they were dragged out of bingo night at the legion.