Important questions for CFA exam

Can someone please provide the answers to these questions: Thank you in advance. Q1 Convexity is most closely related to: a) Alpha b) Delta c) Volatility d) Modified Duration Q2 Risk Free return is 3% and weight is 40% (Note SD/risk would be 0) Risky Asset return is 12% and weight is 60% and SD is 12% Find the Mean and SD of the Portfolio? a) 8.4 and 16 b) 8.4 and 7 Q3 Why is there difference between futures and forwards a) Because of the volatility of the underlying asset b) Because the asset pays interest c) All of the above Q4 A portfolio on the EMH is a portfolio of assets with Greatest return for that SD a) True or b) False Q5 What are the reasons for including Debt in Capital Structure? a) Tax rate saving b) Volatility of earning c) Something Else d) All Q6 A govt bond @ 2% is offered for 182 days. 5 days after the issue, a buyer buys it. How much should be pay for it? Q 7 An investor has a stock and he writes a put option. At expiration what should he expect? a) A profit b) A loss c) A profit if the stock prices fall d) Breakeven