Important Tables?

Any tables in the curriculum that display information clearly and that you feel are important to memorize / understand? Post them here: I’ll start off: -Income Tax Regimes (Reading 15, Volume 2 - Pages 174-175) -Personality Types (Reading 14, Volume 2 - Page 111)

I have memorized the Table of Trends with Buy and Hold, Constant Mix, and CPPI. The one where it shows trends in up, flat, or down markets. Also has the concave, convex, and m<1 m>1 m=1 figures. Also the moneytary vs fiscal policy tight/loose/ matrix

How about making our own table of Options value,max value, max profit, min value, min profit, breakeven for: call put covered call protective put collar ( long / short ? ) butterfly straddle / strangle ( not talking of strips and straps here , just punt) box