Important threads in CFA Level 3?

Your profile should still be accessible. I just logged in and was able to get to my profile so let me know if you still cannot. Item B will be something that can be done once the search issue is resolved. How many threads did you have saved in the old forum?

Chad - I have a lot of threads that I bookmarked. Any way of being able to redirect old threads to the new URLs? Thanks

I will really appreciate if someone send me the pdf aswell,

Hi Guys, Anyone with a link detailing the differences between 2011 and the 2012 syllabus. Im was planning to borrow 2011 schweser incase there isn’t a wide difference…

Hi, perhaps a silly questions: I’ve been able to access the old site but how do I actually search for the threads listed in this thread? Also, when do you expect that new search solution to be ready?

HI pfcfaataf, I am sorry for bugging you with this, but would appreciate you sending the thread to…thanks a million