Important threads in CFA Level 3?

Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have links to some of the most important threads in Level 3 forum regarding strategies or detailed explanations to concepts that are frequently asked. For example, in level 2 there is a thread like this:,1052979 If you have any threads in level 3 saved on your favorite, could you please post them? I’m about to start studying for this exam and it’s tough digging through every single past pages searching. On a side note, what are the orders of the topics of the study are you guys going with? I usually leave memorization things like Ethics to the end. Just curious what are the you guys thoughts. Your help is much appreciated.

This one is pretty good:,1048597

^Thanks a lot! Any others? I wish we have a stickied thread like this in every level, so new candidates have an access to resourceful information, and the effort of those who have put in a lot of work to explain the concept aren’t wasted.

CFA LIII Grading Compilation,996488 Official don’t miss this thread:,967038 One-Page IPS Summary (use Scribd link),1155447

Scribd now asks for a subscription payment … (it is part of ScribdArchive apparently). If CPierce is still around - can the pdf file be mailed instead???

I have the pdf if interested…

I am interested – pfcfaataf. Can you send it to me please… and I am not volunteering to send it across to others who ask. may be share it on some website / google groups.

can someone send me this pdf? Thanks

pfcfaataf … Please send me on Thanks & Regards, GSS

sent to all three, if anyone can publish somewhere for the others pls. thks pf

pls send it to,1131696


Could someone please email it to me ? omforeverdu83 hotmail dot com Thank you guys !!!

I am interested – pfcfaataf. Can you send it to me please

Does anyone know the URL to those that work in the new forum? My old links failed. I favorited it thinking that it would carry over with the forum.

i can’t believe the admin did not make sure the links stay put can you please send it to me as well ?

Yeah, definitely annoying. I’m trying to search this site via Google and all the links are dead…

Here is a link to the old site for anyone that wants to pull old threads until the new search solution is ready:

Chad some of these things were stored in our profiles (the oft-visited/important threads e.g.). Now a. our profile is no longer visible there. b. Even if it were - those threads are not available in the new forum format… is there a way for those to be transferred over (with translation as required) to the new forum format? That would be most helpful. Thanks CP