Important Tip

Sorry for posting this so late, I didn’t even think to post it before. For anyone who is diabetic and want to bring in a little snack or glucose tablets in case your sugar gets low, make sure you contact CFAI to get some kind of waiver before hand. I didn’t know that I had to do this and was not allowed to take my glucose tablets into the testing area. I guess this goes for anyone who needs to take medication into the room, make sure you get some documentation first.

Isn’t it a bit redundant? If your sugars get that low (mine did during a mock this morning, which I was lucky enough to be able to pause) your head is screwed. You need to 1. notice 2. eat 3. wait and all the while time is burning away. My perspective is, if your sugars go low, you’ve already lost. I reduce the isophane bolus by several points the prior night and just make sure my sugar is high(ish) (8-12) prior to going in. This has served me well in other situations where being low really is an absolute fail (i.e., job interviews etc.).

it all depends, generally you should be able to feel it coming on before it gets to the point where you get that screwed up. even so, if it takes you 15 minutes to recover that’s still better than having to leave the exam to go get food. i’d rather lose 15 minutes then having to leave the exam and get a sure fail. i went in being a little high, but i never like to be too high in situations like that because i don’t want to keep running to the bathroom all the time. anyway, just something for people to keep in mind.

oh yeah, I know what you mean, it’s a veeeery fine balance. You can drink less too, but, dehydration, which hyperglyceamia + no fluid will cause very quickly, can severely impair cognitive function. A balance I guess. I’ve been type 1 for 14 years, and don’t really have any sensations until I’m >13. Good luck man.