Impossible thing happened

I just started to study last week and today afternoon got a call from CFA stating that there is an update on my result and infact I passed Level II.

That’s nuts. How could they have screwed that up? I wonder if someone else who was studying for L3 has now just been told he actually failed L2 band 6. I’d go postal if that happened to me.

I’d be partying like it’s 1999 if I were you. Then order your books for L3 on Monday.

Congratulations and good luck with the last level.

In fact it calls for a bigger celebration than even getting theCharter notification letter! Band 6 to Pass… hope it is a genuine info. Time to gear up for Level 3…Lucky man.

Or maybe it was a crank caller. Do CFA really “call” people on the phone? Don’t they email or post stuff like this. Maybe it’s a really sick joke from some joker friend of yours.

I would check your profile on the CFAI website before doing anything else. A “call” from CFAI sounds really suspicious to me.

If it is true, congratulations. From band 6 to pass, this mistake is quite unreasonable. Btw, did you register for lvl 2 exam yet? If so, will you get two sets of CFAI textbooks (one from lvl 2, another from lvl 3) with one price? This is really interesting.

Did you get a revised result email for level 2 pass?

I got an email from CFAI (one similar to the one we recieve when the results are out and in the same format). They will update the website on Monday and send me the scoring matrix on Monday as well. They will infact reimburse my 2012 Level II fees, 2013 Level II fees(which I paid for reregistration) and waive my 2013 Level III registration fees as well.

Good gifts from CFA.

wow…i wonder if this will happen for level 3 2012 takers before year end? any case well done bikash

This is amazing!!! Wow you must be so excited!! Congratulations!

If you do get a chance, do ask them what went wrong.

Wooooooow… Congratulations and best of luck for level 3!!! Not sure if actually lucky or unlucky :stuck_out_tongue:

That is crazy. Congrats! Let us know if you get any more details on what the heck happened.

Crograts man. You are that bit closer to realizing your dream now.

If true congrats, but I’m still having a hard time believing this is real

Phew… Congratz and like Iteracom finding it too tough to believe…

I hope nobody got another email saying sorry you actually failed L2 then angry

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It would be funny if it was just your friends calling as a joke…

Proof or it didn’t happen… Post a copy of the 2nd email with your personal stuff blanked out or I say this is BS. CFAI doesn’t have a protocol in place for re-re-checking exams after the results have gone out, without you requesting a re-tabulation.

I dont want to post ant email out here in the forum. Send me your email id.