I have been hearing about level 2 that it is nearly impossible to pass it on the first attempt. I don’t have an educational background in Finance. I did pass my level one on the first attempt in 2015 and then started working in banking.

As I work 9-5 on weekdays so I can add almost 3-4 hours on weekdays and 7-8 hours on weekend.

Am I too late to start?

Not in the last bit impossible. Apply yourself and I’m sure you can pass on your first try. In my opinion, at least in the case of levels 1 and 2, it’s almost entirely about your effort and your effort alone.

Passed Level 2 with 3 weeks of studying and the grace of God. its definitley not impossible

you cant be serious with just 3 weeks of studying for the entire curriculum…

How can someone pass with a preparation of three weeks?

3 weeks?

you’re either a genius or super lucky.

i am leaning towards a genius lol i dont think i could even read all of schweser in 3 weeks lol

Why are you letting the losers to advise you? It’s November and it’s quite possible to pass even if you start in February.

You can do it.

I’d just advise you start early enough. Like with Level I, it’s important to leave enough time to do Practice questions. Level II is tested in a different format from Level I. By the exam date, you want to be comfortable answering item sets.

Ideally, you would leave yourself at least two months to review and do item sets. That means that you should strive to finish the first pass of the curriculum by mid-April 2018.

All the best studying,


Yes, with a right strategy it is possible.

Yup, it is very possible. I started in February right after finding out that I passed Level 1.

It was very challenging, but possible.

I passed on first attempt working a 9-5 job with a 1 year old at home. Its far from impossible.

From the people I know it seems that they either pass all on first attempt, or fail multiple times trying to get through.

We should have an “End Thread” button. Several posts concur it’s not impossible. October is plenty of time to start. I think i studied about 8 weeks starting last week of February (4 weeks with a month break then another 4 weeks) and passed L2.