impression on the blue boxes


Am I the only to think that the blue boxes are by far harder than the CFAI topics/mocks/schweser q?

Other impressions/feedbacks would be very interesting…

Have a nice day/evening ahead

Not harder, but longer. They are designed to explain the text, and has lots and lots of extra financial information that’s not really related to the underlying concepts.

Yep, they can be very tough but they’re excellent at driving home the concepts.

The Fixed Income ones are a definite must in my opinion!

yeah I totally agree that they really help to grasp the concept and that they are way longer.

They really go into details and I have to admit that the difference between the difficulty of a blue box and a mock exam can be big.

Thank you for your expressing your feelings on these blue boxes.

I like the blue boxes if I’m having a hard time with a concept. I just have to pay attention to the wording of the LOS so that I don’t get bogged down in the “extra” detail that the boxes tend to contain.