Impromptu Phone Interview Destroyed Me...

So I receive a phone call from this boutique that I applied to, and I thought it was simply to ‘schedule’ an interview. Instead, the guy without any opening formalities starts peppering me with finance questions, some I get right, others a little grey. He begins chastizing me for my slower responses. He then makes a statement about cash flow from operations and pauses, and I respond, “That’s correct”. To which he replies,“I know I’m right, I don’t need you to tell me I’m right”. And other such unpleasant retorts followed.

It was bizarre and unsettling. He asked me what I was doing before he called, and I said I was monitoring my trading positions, and he says,“We don’t care about pullbacks or whatever here, looks like you just have a trading mentality…”

Then he asks me about enterprise value, and I explain what it is. He says, ‘that’s right’. Then he says, ‘thanks, bye’. and hangs up before I can say ‘thanks’.

Ugh. I feel a mix of anger and desolation right now. Haven’t felt that ‘waging war’ sensation in me in a long time. I want to wage war.

Call him back with your own list of questions and then hang up on him. Spread a rumor about his firm’s impending bankruptcy. Hire a male stripper to his office. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Happens all the time, maybe he was just having a bad day and looking for someone to take it out on.

Wow, that sucks man. I think LPoulin133 nailed it.

I’ve never had someone do something that rude in terms of interview process, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it.

I like the male stripper idea. Call his company up and pretend to be a client or company executive. Ask for an office visit. Then, send male stripper in your place.

This industry attracts its fair share of asshats. Looks like you just met one.

FWIW, you probably wouldn’t want to work with this guy anyway.

I might have shot back at “you just have a trading mentality.” I would have shot back “That depends on the strategy, for what I’m doing right this minute, a trading mentality is appropriate. For a long term approach, you still have to monitor for risk control. If your approach doesn’t consider transitory things like like the current price, then more power to you.”

Should have replied “I know I’m right. I don’t need you to tell me I’m right. Quick, what’s 29 squared…too slow.”

Lol! These are great suggestions.

What should I include in the follow up ‘thanks for taking the time to speak to me’ email?

It’s funny, after over four months, I finally get a verbal response from an application, and it ends up being something like this to make me sour.

Human feces. doesn’t matter where you get them.

Da fuck? Drop the name of the firm on AF. We need to look out for each other. What a fucking clown. I’ll call him myself and command that he saw his nuts off. MD at a boutique, puke!

send me and I’ll deck him across the face!

Owned once again. Out of curiosity, were you madder when you made that thread about me that completely backfired, or when you made this thread?

Sounds like you passed

My boys do this all the time. They get coked up at 10 am in the morning and call up someone they have no intention of hiring just to discourage and humiliate them. They mKe you eeat reason xause it makes their small coked up dicks feel better. One friend of mine, who is a partner at a company that rhymes with “capital poop” likes to call up harvard guys who have already faild the interview.process but do not know it, just so he can as him.questions like, “what is your bigggest failure in life?” Id call them on it if it happend to me. “hey asshole. Im not gonna oit up with this. Dont want to ork for someone as unproffessional as you. This is how you represent your firm? Well thsts a shame for them.” Post the name. Just so we can shit.on them. Yku never had a chance.

Ha. Blake cracks me up.

Are you shit ass drunk right now? While the content of your post is not unusual, it seems like you are barely clinging to the keyboard.


I second MBA’s sentiment, post the name of the firm and or the jagoff

I have drank 2 liters of beer, but that is nirmal. Im typing from an android samsung. Ths the problem with my soelling. P.s. Argentina chicks are hot.

Ask yourself, if thats how the ‘interview’ goes would you honestly want to work there anyway?

Firm name?