In 48 hours...........

I will be as drunk as a skunk! (But not as drunk as I will be if I find out I pass this thing!) What will all of you be doing to celebrate 48 hours from now

the gf’s taking me out to dinner for my birthday. i don’t drink, but i will be drinking.

blacked out by no later than 6:00 PM

Long islands, tequilas, 3 wisemen, JD But this is not celebration, this is just start to anxiety in anticipation of results.

i’ll still try to understand how is it possible that Interest is classified as a non-operating expense on the IS but is considered Operating CF.

Are you talking about that question in mocks ?? bank vs. manufacturing …

nope, i’m talking in general terms. Look at Income Statement, Interest is considered non-operating expense as it is not a part of operating income ( if EBIT = operating income). On the other hand, it is classified as an operating cash outflow under U.S. GAAP.