In a couple of days

My bet: on 26th we’ll see threads with headings: - we are now at L3 and we are really cool; - is L3 harder / easier than L2? - How to pass L3? - Have you used curriculum or Schweser to pass? - What is IPS?..

  • CFA vs. MBA?

-which is harder, morning or afternoon session? and lets not forget; -what exam/test are you going to get after the CFA? FRM, CAIA, CPA?

Too late:,1170967

when should we start studying ?

Are the mock exams even worth doing? Which one is closer to real exam …How do you prepare for am session and of course For AM can you use pencil if you use pen what colour pen?

will my experience qualify? can i use white out/witeout/highlighters on the exam? when can i register for the L3 exam? can I put “L3 candidate, charter pending” on my resume?

“How many hrs should i study” “Hey level 2ers holla back” “Was level 3 easier than level 2”

How many hot chicks are in the LIII section typically?

This thread is more smug than George Clooney.

agree w/Howd…like we weren’t there last year…or 2 years ago. still good for a laugh, though.

i dont think its smugness at all …a combination of nervousness coupled with anxiety and macabre humour …i am on pins and needles regarding this …i already know that come Jan I will be studying/learning something I just hope its something new and not this thing again…

Those guys are SO lame. Only thing lamer will be me when I am their peer for June 2011…

jcole21 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How many hot chicks are in the LIII section > typically? by my observation, the higher the level, the smaller chance of getting hot chicks in your section, there are actually only several females in boston’s LIII sections, which is way back there like deserted.

Can we ask these new guys what their total comp is…what!!! …too soon?

Nice Analysis :))

Are they here yet?

CFA Jay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Are they here yet? Yes! -:0)

This planet looks awesome !

yes, this planet looks awesome indeed…and the last people that should talk down to anyone is a virtual community. lighten up. this isnt really THAT serious of a forum. sure people get serious around test time, but 90% of the time its a bunch of yakoffs