In a fix, please help


I haven’t started studying yet for Level 2. I’m interning right now and I’ll be done with my internship by end of February. I was thinking to start by March first week and study for good 7 hours daily. Please help me figure out 2-3 things

  1. Is it possible to complete my portion with at least two readings in 3 months, provided I sit for 7-8 hours daily

  2. Is it possible to complete one reading in one day?

please help guys, I’m in a fix.

It’s possible, tough but possible, make sure you practice a lot, not just reading, give 60% of your time to make practice problems, EOCs, etc… Good Luck

There is 51 readings in The curriculum, if you do one reading a day including EOCs you’ll be ending by end of april, and you’ll have may to make mocks

Thanks for helping out!!

just one more thing, what are EOCs?

End of chapter

QBank, if you have Kaplan Schweser, is helpful but as long as you take a minimum of 5 FULL exams (10 1/2 tests since Level II’s format is the same in the morning and the PM), you’ll have a shot.

end of chapter problems in CFA books

But is it possible to do one reading in one day?

If you wanna do that, can you write back once you are done with all reading at the end of April. I want to read how you got burn t-out. Will your brain be able to process such huge amounts of info?

Yes if you have NZT-48 !!!

Buy Schweser Notes, Is possible to read one reading per day, is really tough but possible, you have to do it, are you thinking about give up??? Dont give up,

The author wants to read from Curriculum as I understand, since he is going to spend 7-8 hours a day for that. Schweser Notes can be read within 1-1,5 hour and requires one more hour for practice.

I’m planning to read Schweser only provided I only have 3 months

Thanks for the motivation!!!

Thanks man!!!