In a world where Analyst Forum doesn't exist....

How would you spend your day? Would you go outside and smoke? Hang out in the break room and drink coffee? Or would you just go to other websites? Which ones?

We will spend more time with actual friends and family members. blush

I would play more games on my phone.

Can you imagine a world without Analystforum…

(Sub analystforum for Lawyer, sfw)

i would read less broken english

I wouldn’t have a silent outlet to bitch about my frustrations.

For example. I just got passed a valuation model from a hacksaw PE firm. I open it up and get a Circular Reference Warning. I am ready to bust down their fking door and break a keyboard over someone’s face.


Spend even more time on ESPN

Another forum. I have been on forums since I had access to the internet. I wish I can get paid to post.

Run more with my dog and with my horse.

PEG’s love putting circular references in their models for some reason.

If AF doesn’t exist i would just open one?