In case there was any question the feds are in the pockets of Big Pharma

Interesting article. Most everyone I know smokes semi-regularly (including mostly college grads) interestingly enough the higher educated ones tend to use more (and harder) drugs than the less educated. That may be due to their respective fields of study though so who knows, most of the higher educated went to Pharmacy school and you cant scare them with boogyman drug stories when they actually know what happens when you take substances. My friends that didnt go to college that work in trades usually dont smoke due to the fact that if they are involved in an accident at work the first thing they have to do if take a drug test.

The reality is the anti legalization movement is rooted in not wanting to take funding from LE as that is what will happen. Its long overdue and a massive waste of tax payer dollars. Colorado should be the model for America to roll out legalization as they have done it in a pretty successful manner.