In Ethics section, can I accept Cash gift after agreed by employer?

Question: is cash gift acceptable?

my understanding: 1, if agreed in writing, 2, if cash does not exceed reasonable amount, 3, if cash is sent by client to thank your past performance, should be ok. But if cash is sent to distort your independence and objectivity, or create a conflict interest for you, then NO, written consent wouldn’t help. please correct me if i am wrong.

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It’s listed under recommended items to not accept cash gifts, as part of the asset manager code. And it says : “Managers must adopt additional, detailed poli- cies and procedures to effectively implement the Code.” the specific piece mentioning cash: “Managers should establish a written policy limiting the acceptance of gifts and entertainment to items of minimal value. Managers should consider creating limits (e.g., amount per time period, per vendor) for accepting gifts and prohibit the acceptance of any cash gifts.” (Level III Volume 1 Ethical and Professional Standards , 4th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 271). But I’m not sure if that is different than the example above of a gift from a client.