In Honour of the CFA Owls.....

We salute the following members of the Analyt Forum Community for their dedicated work and time spent studying - while the world sleeeps… 1. Dinesh Sundrani

  1. Dinesh Sundrani

it’ll be me this week. no work

Ditto. Derivatives at 12:53 pm… doesn’t get any better than this!

yes it does derivatives at 3 am is even better I am at the port management stage of my life

Yeah what is wrong with that guy. Is he a cyborg sent from the future to wreck havok on the CFA curve and cause untold misery and suffering. I’d say its 50/50.

^^ Haha. I just did 3AM, got brutalized 40/60 = 66% with 0/6 on Alt Invt. will do a quick review and hit the 3PM. It’s going to be a long night.

I’m with ya…starting the CFA 2006 now. Long night ahead. Lovin’ it.