In-joke for my peers taking Level II this summer

Hope you’re all plugging away and on track to pass Level II this summer. I decided not take Level II this summer because of my work schedule; studying for less than 5 months while working 50 to 60 hours a week isn’t going to cut it, I believe. Anyway, here’s my shot at trying to make you giggle a little while you prepare:

Having passed Level 1 this past December, I recently looked up the proper method for displaying CFA pass results on a linkedin profile. The instructions specifically state that the most appropriate place to place your status is under the certifications section, not under the education section:

After updating my profile, I started looking up popular CFA charterholders to see if they had followed the guidline. Who do you think was the first person I looked up? Yep, John Rogers, CFA. Now, can you guess where he listed his CFA charter? Yep, under the education section. I think it’s funny that the CEO of the Institute could let something like this slip. If it wasn’t him, I would think he would delegate the responsibility to someone with enough sense to put together a CFA Institute compliant linkedin profile.

Sure, call me a stickler if you like, but I also think it’s kind of funny. Anyone have the marbles to send Mr. Rogers a email telling him? If you do and decide to, please bcc me ; )


Thanks for posting… had to go to linkedin and change mine :slight_smile:

CFALOBO , I have more than 60hours job and less than 2.5months for CFA L2. Still I’ll try :slight_smile:

Well . . . John Rogers is gone (as of the end of the fiscal year) as CFA Institute’s CEO.

They must have checked his LinkedIn page.

I’m sure I could pull it off, but I don’t need the added stress. Besides, I’m the best man in a wedding a week before the exam. I want to enjoy my trip, i.e. drink and party. Good luck…

He sure is. I wonder what his plans are. Strange going from your own asset management company to academia then back to who knows what…