In Terms of Bang For Your Buck . . .

or rather, your studying hour, it seems you should focus on the Core Topics and the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook first and the Current and Integrated Topics to a lesser degree. See fifth page of this PDF: In fact it would seem you get the most bank for your buck from studying the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook, although obviously you don’t want to get carried away with that since it’s only 10-15% of the exam content.

Current Standards of Practice Handbook and errata available free here:

At this point Captain, most bang for your buck is questions, questions, questions, drill Uppermark and Schweser til your eyes bleed.

I personally am not using Uppermark or Schweser - the only practice questions I’m going to do are the ones from the CAIA. That’s beside the point, though - the point is how you allocate your time and effort among subjects in doing whatever it is you’re doing to prepare. For example, it wouldn’t seem like a good idea to spend 50% of you time doing practice questions on the Current and Integrated Topics since those apparently make up only about a quarter of the exam content.

That’s true but Windjammer, as a Level 2 failee from September, practice qs are an immense help, since 10 or so will be almost identical. But for the papers, the questions aren’t that hard and if you have the gist you should be fine. You’ll only be getting 2 -3 qs a paper, so no point killing yourself on them

As a failee as well from Sept, all I remember was that the Mult Choice were NOTHING like anything I had seen in our Question database - it was a slaughter. meanwhile the Essays were a piece of cake. I am making sure I spend a lot of time on the text books this time as well, just not much faith in the database of questions they put out unless anyone has some better ideas…

Wow, that is good to hear. By that I don’t mean I’m glad you found the multiple choice questions hard, but just that I personally prefer hard multiple choice/easy essay to the other way around.

no worries at all - best of luck to everyone. All we can do is hope that we get a ‘good’ set of randomly created questions. PS - Capt any chance you could send me a copy of your study notes that you offered on your other string? Much appreciated.

That’s so weird power, MC for me wasn’t bad, essays were the slaughterhouse though. If they didn’t decide to make single throwaway paragraphs into essay qs then I would have passed easy. But as stands 50> in essays, and a fail.

MissCleo, tell me about it. I was as shocked as anyone. This forced me to study differently this time to say the least. MC questions were not even close to any of the ones I had studied for. I used Uppermark - FYI

I have used both core material and Schweser for this exam (same strategy as Level 1) I started with the core readings and study guide…still plowing through the Schweser books at the moment…just some observations Doing the questions in the CAIA study guide there seems to be at least 50% more material in the study guide than Schweser…irrelevant some, maybe, but I wouldn’t want to take that chance. Today is going to be the first day that I do some questions on the qbank…return with my thoughts.

It’s nothing but practice questions from here on out — drilling practice questions and some flash cards here and there.