In this example, why can Scott send client accounts to the investment manager? Is that out of function of a brokerage firm?

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Institute, CFA. Level I 2012 Volume 1 Ethical and Professional Standards and Quantitative I am sorry, my question is not about ethical standards but the eligibility of the fact Scott sends account to Everett. Thank you so much!

Is this a direct quote from the CFA Institute’s Study Guide? If so, it violates CFA Institute’s copyright and AnalystForum posting rules; you should consider changing (or removing) it.

Thank you for your reminding!

Is it ok if I pick the exceprt out of the curriculum and note its source below ? I did it!

by the way, could you answer the question?

Sounds like yhey are a broke firm but they do not offer any accounts, only trading. WHen cleints come looking for an account he has to refer them elsewhere.