Income tax - lets skip???

So far my studies are on track. There hasn’t been a single topic which I haven’t fully understood EXCEPT Income Tax…When I was doing FSA, I “wasted” 4 days on I Tax and still I am not confident of getting the concept right. Now, Income Tax is only a small part of FSA. How many questions can be asked from I Tax, 2, 3, 4??? Well, if we skip Income Tax all together, and make a calculated “guess” on the IT question - won’t that be better than “wasting” all the time spent on reviewing Income Tax…SO SKIP!!! Anyone with me?

Definitely. I skipped it after not getting it the first time around, and it was much easier the second time. Don’t bang your head against the wall or you’ll lose focus and screw up your momentum.

Thanks for the motivation. I wud say I got it 50%…I am hoping to get the rest in my 2nd review…Will crack it for sure…hopefully…

There were a few questions on I tax in Dec. 07… You’d better learn it. My advise.

I have skipped it too uptil now…but definitely plan to go thru it while I revise my material…one of my friend skipped it and still scored over 70% in FSA

This is one of the few chapters that reviewing didn’t do much for me. As soon as I got into practical applications and doing a kind of reverse-engineered review process things really made a lot more sense. Don’t give up on the section, marks are marks and everyone counts.