Inconsistent in performance at mock, practice exams

Hi all, any of you feel this strange feeling, I did a few practice exams and mock exams under the same conditions and the results keep fluctuating at really high margin, for one i got 72% but the next I got only 26% and then i got 37% and 79%, this really worries me because I don’t really know how to gauge the level of my understanding and how I will perform in the actual exam!

The real question is are the sections with low scores the same as high, or different topics?

they are a combination, some same, some different

Not quite to the same extent, but I do find the random nature of the questions difficult…

I did a mock yesterday and came out with 42/60…On 2 vignettes I got 6/6, which was a pleasant surprise, however on another vignette I scored 1/6 and this was a subject I previously “thought” I understood.

That is the nature of the exam, you bomb on a couple of vignettes and it is more or less game over!

but bombing the entire exam is very scary, seems like some practice or mock exam just hit the right part that i study while others are not, it is scary that there is so few questions coming out from such a huge amount of knowledge

There are lot of outliers!!! Ha ha ha

Dear this is not your fault rather whoever designed the practice set!!. Don’t worry. The performance will stablize after you are thorough with entire syllabus and develops good idea of entire syllabus. So, need not worry. Just keep analysing weak areas and improve upon them. Don’ repeat mistakes.

I want to share my experience. In Level 1 examination I made mock test of analystnotes and cannot believe when my rank was at bottom 2 percent. It gave me sinking feeling. But in the actual exam I did fairly well. So, keep patience and keep improving and you will get through…All have some or other problem and nobody is Einstine here( Even he had problems in TVM!!!)


After all of our work… a band 10 is just as bad if not worse than a band 3 failure…you were that close!

Vikas. L2 is clearly very different to L1.

Love your analogy, Albert’s surname was spelt Einstein.

L2 is a different animal from L1, you need to understand the concept thoroughly to nail it, L1 is just purely based on memory, but I think L1 is very difficult because the material is just too much and one need to have a good strategy to cram all those materials