Increase in Amazon use as a customer?

Has anyone experienced an increase in use with Amazon as a customer? I’ve been using them for a while, but my experience as a customer has gradually gotten better and I’ve started to use even more of their services.

I have had an Amazon credit card for a few years and just got Prime last year. I love Prime. My schedule at times does not enable me to go to certain stores to buy specialty items, so I get them all off of Prime. It’s so easy to rebuy items and my mailbox at my building has one of those large compartments to pick up packages 24/7.

Sometimes they deliver straight to my door or big packages to the property manager at the clubhouse. I have never missed a package. Also, I don’t need everything in 2 days and take those $5 credits when I can that pop up. I’ve found if I split up my orders, I get more credits. They apply to a specific department, like ‘Amazon Pantry’. I think this is an ingenious way to introduce current customers to a broader scope of the business.

How is your user experience? Do you feel Amazon is over/under valued? Do you foresee any bumps along the way in the future?

the amount i have spent went from 1k/year in 2012 to about 10k/year in 2017. i love it as a customer. i use amazon video, prime, credit card, music, echo, fire, ipads. i love the amazon choice feature. i like to see the best seller items. i like reading the reviews. sometimes i actually use it to find products vs googling for it since its lest yelp for items. i am disappointed about hte fire stick and how they made it harder to use youtube. their kindle fire is shit but i use it as a throwaway, i literally throw it around,

hate as an investor because they are very overvalued by every metric, but people dont seem to care, and it just went from super overvalued to super super overvalued, granted now that they are focusing on profitability, their multiples are shrinking.

i think the company is the greatest in the world. loved by customers/investors, hated by employees, yet employs a lot of people. it is killing other companies and making the world a more efficient place. it is barely profitable and subsidizes a lot of things i use. so to me it is the best non profit organization in the world!

I, personally, am just waiting for them to take over every industry to the point where they have the scale to blast everyone else out of the water and then they will start turning the screw.


^lol this is so true.

Amazon literally dumped this 55 inch tv in front of my fucking house. anyone could have jacked it. i was shocked at how retarded the delivery people were. an immoral person could have easily taken delivery and reported it stolen as they were dropping it off in the open. the funny part is, i know for a fact amazon would have refunded. they have a really great policy! they do have some weird stuff in the back end. for example, imagine you purchased a 1000 laptop. price dropped to 950 next day, instead of jsut crediting the acct. they want you to cancel the order and refuce delivery and reorder the same laptop at the lower price. abs retarded more costly and inefficient, but that is what their customr rep suggests.

I started using it more heavily in 2016, but by 2017 I realized how quickly I was draining myself and had to start monitoring my purchases. I don’t think their selection is the best but they provide a great price, next day shipping, and good cheap alternatives. I can’t imagine what they’re doing to pharmacy/convenience chains - I started buying my soap, shampoo, hygiene products from them last year and this year they implemented an automatic refill service (you choose the frequency and quantity) for repeat purchases. I haven’t used it yet but that’s pretty damn smooth.

Boxes are annoying and their prices aren’t always that best. Why do they have to put a box of diapers in another much bigger cardboard box? While I’m a heavy user of AMZN (virtually every household item except food), I’m starting to use Walmart more.

wrong thread.

use probably went up 10x from 2012 to 2016 like nerdy. probably down 50% in 2017 though. didn’t purchase one item during christmas but spend several thousand at BBY. not impressed with changes to their website (i.e. marketplace is overwhelming versus other sites), competitors are getting more competitive and have increasingly similar shipping times/cost. i loved it when you search for something on AMZN, and the item came up and it was always sold by and fulfilled by AMZN. now 90% of the stuff is only fulfilled by AMZN and doesn’t qualify for free shipping. AMZN must stick to selling things themselves and stop fulfilling for small shiesty mini-retailers. if AMZN is known for selling things at the lowest price and fulfilling quickly, why don’t they stick to that? BBY and WMT are winning until AMZN changes tack.

What surprises me the most is that my consumption of paper products has increased dramatically from internet business, since I get mountains of cardboard boxes for everything I buy. 10 years ago, I would not have guessed that I would be using so much more paper, due to email and other digital services.

i was up like 500% in 2016&2017 but then amazon started cracking down on the review scam so now not as many free items

^This is a good point. I try to make group orders now to avoid walking to the cardboard disposal chute. Long Dunder Mifflin stock.

I hate Prime , and how they keep trying to force me onto it. I’ve joined twice, got free shipping, then quit twice.

I buy a few things here and there but about the same as usual.

I use it all the time… I love amazon prime. I use it to buy nearly everything except food and clothes…

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