Independence and objectivity

WE have had many posts discussing diff aspects of ethics. Now a final one just to clear the confusing things: When a member or candidate is offered a gift, should he accept it ? If he does, he will need to disclose it. However the best scenario is that he should not accept it at all rt?

i think so

The key question is whether the gift is from a client. If the gift is from a client, the analyst may accept it with disclosure to the analyst’s employer. The reason acceptance is permitted is because the gift is akin to additional compensation and is unlikely to create a conflict of interest. Even so, the employer should be informed of the gift so it can make sure the gift giving client is not favored (which would be a breach of fair dealing) and so that it can assess the true cost of services. (Note that if the gift is actually a forward looking deal regarding additional compensation, for example the use of an apartment if certain performance goals are met, then employer consent is required, under the IV(B) Additional Compensation standard.) If the gift is not from a client, chances are good that the gift was given with an eye to placing the analyst in a conflict of interest with his employer and/or other clients. If such a conflict is possible, the analyst should not accept the gift.

Is accepting a gift additional compensation or not.

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