India - world cup

Any cricket fans here? Is world cup keeping you from studying? How do you manage?

I bet no indian will study on march 30th. It’s a semi final match between india and pakistan. They fought 3 wars in between them.

lets do this you injuns. Im not even Indian and I will take the day off to see this

urgh! Yes, I must admit cricket has been distracting me from studies since QF started. Plus, Im finding it hard to concentrate on anything else from Thursday when the PK vs India semi-final was set up. Im studying but going very slow now. I guess I will catch up on studying after the World Cup is over. There is a discussion about WC in back office section.

Just remember, if India wins the world cup, you wont automatically pass the exam. A bunch of already rich guys will get a whole bunch of glory which you, and the rest of the proletariate, will sheepishly think they share when in reality they are making 2 dollars a day. Screw the world cup, June 4th is YOUR world cup.

^ brilliant I must at least see Pakistan losing to India. Then I’d e back to level 2.


Eyes on the prize guys. CFA is a Test series, not a Twenty20 match.

^ awesome

Lol… Not able to focus at ALLLLL. Everywhere I meet an indian I get this question “So, are you ready on wednesday ?” Looking forward to the match… India has an clear uper hand on this match but who knows it’s Pakistan India :P. This WC has been so strange and it has done best to distract people like us, how can u study when even associate nations pulling upsets. Things will get much better after WC, CFA wise :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about that supersunny,… IPL starts the second week of April.

I disconnected cable to avoid watching the cricket on TV, instead now I waste more time hitting F5 a bazillion times and reading every cricket article available online. Cant wait for it to be over and return to peaceful times studying comfortably numb

lets do this INJUNS!!!

hey pakistan, you ready for your beat down from India?


Never realized there were so many Indian fans on here. Not expecting our batting to fire, but hopeful nonetheless… GO PAKISTAN!

Every Gujurati college student is CFA candidate at the moment.

Mustafa you should hope that match fixing isn’t the outcome like everytime. @chicken_tikka: are you Gujarati?

Indian chicks are hawt

thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > kiwis you can now study. lol