Indian Army Major Develops Helmet That Can Withstand AK-47 Bullet; 'first In The World'

“An Indian Army Major who had developed a bulletproof jacket in December last year to face sniper bullets has now also developed a bulletproof helmet, which is claimed to be first in the world that can stop an AK-47 bullet from a distance of 10 meters.”

“The ballistic helmet has been developed under Project Abhedya by Major Anoop Mishra who had also developed a full-body protection bulletproof jacket which can withstand even sniper rifles,” Indian Army officials told ANI.

As Major Anoop’s subordinate’s facial expression suggests, what will they think of next?


When doing first live tests on this glorious piece of protective gear, they should take a page out of Taleb’s skin in the game philosophy and test it on Army Major Anoop Mishra. Walk the walk etc.

Can’t wait for lightsabers

i still remember that dude. he had a weird picture of himself with a hammer. it was pretty funny.

Heard the ensuing group dance scene was epic.

Marvelous - I hope maj. anoop mishra receives a lifetime supply of idli for his efforts, I know i’m raising eyebrows with this excess but no prize is too small for india’s heroes!