Indian Candidates

If you’re from India and you’ve checked your email then you know what I’m talking about. The curse just wont let go. I’d been booked up at Bangkok … but now I’m not so sure since we are allowed to give the exam at Mumbai. Spending loads ov cash , the jet lag discomfort PLUS disadvantage of a foreign country et al versus Possibility of the exam results being annulled… [if you give it in India, that is] what’s your call ?

ask for your refund, and pursue something else

I’m heading to Nepal. I can’t really afford to take *that chance of results being annulled* after this bullsh*t ordeal of close to 500+ hours. Period!

Heading to Nepal. I don’t want to land in a school at Mumbai to find a small notice with supreme court seal. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I am in Delhi and will anyway need to spend a lot to cancel ticks and buy new ones. So, it makes no sense. And I can see Nepal too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m from Mumbai for one and that puts me and the folks around in a real fix…

Guys… can someone please elobrate more on this… what is this abt… exam cancelation in India??? i thought that happened last year rite… I am an Indian but taking the exam in US… do i have to worry abt anything… I havent received any emaill so other then the exam… i am not worried abt nything…

nah i guess its just for the Indians who have the misfortune of still being subject to the draconian Indian laws