indian mba or outside india mba?

My question is basically whether i should go in for an indian mba or an mba from us/london or insead given my background: 1) indian ca-first attempt-i dnt know how people in usa look at it but its quite respected in india(esp. With the first attempt) 2) i just started working at a big 4 in m&a tax team as an executive.i plan to enroll for an mba after 2 yrs work ex-till then ill be a senior. 3) dont have anything strong in my extracurricualrs thats worth mentioning. My first pref. Would be an mba from top 5 outside india but i doubt i will get in with this profile? What do yall think? Top 5 mba colleges in india are known quite well to and financial services firm hire quite alot there too but indian mba focus alot more on the aptitude test than work ex and although i think i can get in if i work hard enough, i doubt if ill get time to study that much with a demanding job. So which mba should i go for? Thanks

IIM or hacksaw.

Indian or die trying

IIM or outside.

yeah exactly - get an indian motorcycle, go to harvard and forget the helmet

Sigh…any serious answers

Indian MBAs are not recognized outside of india especially in the US with the exception of maybe IIM. I’d do an internationally recognized MBA.

Yeah but does my profile look good enough for me to get into a top 5 us college or LBS or insead?

If you would like your MBA to have value in the US (maybe you don’t), it will need to be one of the top 5 or 6 programs in Europe or top 20 in the US.

Why do u assume i dont want my mba to be valued in usa? Usa doesnt value iim? Is my profile good enough for a top 5 usa or lbs or insead?

Doubtful, but you could probably get into a US school in the 15-20 range in US-only rankings. Schools like UNC, UCLA, UT-Austin, Carnegie Mellon.

'Murrrica MBA or Hacksaw.

I’m not assuming you don’t want your MBA to have value in the US, hence the “maybe” in my statement. I don’t know if you want to stay in India or not.

No, most employers in US don’t value IIM.

Thanks but i think iim is a bettter option than 15-20 range us school

Thanks but i think iim is a bettter option than 15-20 range us school

My first pref is usa but i dnt mind staying in india either if i am paid good…its a lengthy discusiion…ill p.m u later on if u dnt mind

Sure. I’m about to shut it down for the holiday weekend though, so likely won’t get your message until next week.