Indian Police to Use Slingshots Against Protestors

Claim: But is slingshot hunting legal in the US?

Fact: In the highlighted states, it is legal.


Sling shots with “chili balls” is ghetto as F. Next time you protest in India, the police will launch a chicken vindaloo in your face. Better do some abs workout too, to absorb potential body shots, amiright?

I thought the tupperware shields were a nice touch.

lol and what’s with those helmets

to protect from whiffle balls? lol

^ Tupperware? Rubbermaid or hacksaw!

They are wearing cricket helmets - actually, that makes sense. If the private sector already made something to protect you from sticks and thrown projectiles, they might as well use it. Also, it’s quite natural that you’d use Tupperware to protect yourself from chili and related substances, as this material has proven repeatedly that it can contain such materials.

Ah, I see it’s BYOCH to work day again

CH= Cricket Helmet

In Texas, you can hunt with AR-15s and AK-47s… but no slingshots???

Sometimes you just have to look at India with its per capital GDP below the Congo and designated sh*tting streets and contrast it to Hong Kong and it just makes you sad when you consider what could have been with the benefit of a few more years of Western presence.

Claim: What India “could have been” with the benefit of a few more years of Western presence…

Verdict: FALSE

Just take a look at Mexico.


Huh, I’ve never considered Mexico part of the “west.” I thought the west just meant white people. It’s not like Africa or S. America are included. We don’t say northwest. Just white people west of the soviet bloc.

Edit: The actual definition is any country that was influenced by Europe. The more you know…

^ Wouldn’t most of northern Africa fit that definition as well?

Topically out today:

Delhi, Blanketed in Toxic Haze, ‘Has Become a Gas Chamber’

Mexico: >3x per capita GDP of India, toilets, not a gas chamber.

India: Gang rape capital of the world, designated streets.

Good points, but you’re not going to get far in that goal with slingshots and chili balls, maybe flinging the odd naan once in a while.

monkey hang in there

FALSE, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but Slumdog Millionaire did an excellent job depicting life in India and shows exactly what I’m talking about.