Individual IPS Question

Over the last 13 years, the average percentage of the exam dedicated to this question was 14% and as recently as a few years ago it appears that it was 16%… Yikes.

Great stats - at least we know how much of this stuff to expect in advance.

what about the INST…that’s what I am really afraid of…

I had a thread on here a few days ago that showed back to 2000 the different IPS that were tested. There is I want to say ALWAYS an Individual IPS and an Institutional IPS, but luckily sometiems the 2nd one is not as much writing but circling and explaining type of questions.

those are some of the biggest ticket items so of course they will have a large presence on the exam. what else are people focusing on as “must know” concepts? i passed level 2 by nailing equity and FSA, but i am not sure which topics to really focus on going into the stretch. i guess i will try to knock out the “easy” points in ethics, equity, FI and Alt Inv. and then try to hold my own in PM – not really sure what to expect in that last category, but most of the topic stuff seems at least fairly easy. derivatives is going to hurt me.

yeah, bigwilly, where did you reach with your analysis. What are you expecting for 2008, both (individual and inst) or only one ? The circling and explaining ones are better, as they are an extension of multiple choice. I hate the open ended ones, not sure how much and what to write.

also how do you keep your answers short in individual IPS? that is such a big problem for me!!! I guess I could try bullet points… any advise?

I have not finished my thesis yet :slight_smile: