Individual IPS's

I noticed on a couple different CFAI Private Wealth Mgmt IPS questions…if sum1 needs monthly income from his/her portfolio…sometimmmes they put it in the return requirement…somtimmmmmess they put it with luquidity. Where do you guys planning on mentiong it? Hopefully location doesnt affect overall grade

you should mentionitin both

I would mention it as part of the return objective as well as ongoing liquidity needs. My philosophy is that it is better to include it and not need it than to leave it out because you assume the grader should know it. I think if you include something that is correct but may not be needed, the graders won’t dock you any points. If they are looking for something that isn’t there, then you will surely lose points.

it seems like alot of the answers are “state the obvious”. I end up missing points b/c i’m thinking too hard about something I might be missing when I’m not…