Individualis and methodical investor

A typical portfolio manager will be classied as which one? Or both? (depends on the risk appetile)


Quotes from CFAI

Individualist Investors

This group has a self-assured approach to investing. Individualists gain information from a variety of sources and are not averse to devoting the time needed to reconcile conflicting data from their trusted sources. They are also not afraid to exhibit investment independence in taking a course of action. Individualist investors place a great deal of faith in hard work and insight, and have confidence that their long-term investment objectives will be achieved. Methodical Investors This group relies on “hard facts.” Methodical investors may intently follow market analysts or undertake research on trading strategies. Even when their hard work is rewarded, they typically remain on a quest for new and better information. Their reliance on analysis and database histories generally keeps them from developing emotional attachments to investment positions, and their discipline makes them relatively conservative investors.

You would have realized by now - that no answer is cut and dry.

  1. there is NO “typical” portfolio manager.

  2. You will find traits of different investor types in each manager. It is a spectrum from “exhibits low” to “exhibits a very high degree of” a particular behavior / characteristic.

Please do not get into a mould of trying to classify something as “typical” - which puts you in a place of stereotyping stuff that you read - and that could hurt.