Individualistic vs methodical

Which one is which and why!!! These 2 types of investors are so close to me. " most of the time I do not want to be bothered with stock tips from my broker. I read the same research they read, and I often think the anlysts writing the reports do not have a clue what they are talking about. the majority of my investments have been selecte dusin my own careful reserach, but there are few stocks in my portfolio that I just had a feeling about so I bought them" " I like to have broad access to quality reports from analysts and economics researchers so I can stay abreast of key market developments. I do not appreciat,e however, receiving calls from my stock broker regarding the latest investment strategy that is also being sold to everyone else in the market. most of the time the recommended strategy is too risky and doesn’t fit with my portfolio"

the first one is individualist and the second one is methodical

yup! I agree with whystudy.

individulist: cocky methodical: nerdy

dusin my own careful reserach - individualistic

methodical investors - take the first step —> i.e. gather the data individualistic - take the next step and recocile inconsistencies in data

methodical investors - rely on hard data. individualistic - capable of questioning analyst inconsistencies

individulist: based on feeling methodical: based on thinking

FRM2cfa not sure that’s accurate. Both these types are thinking-driven. Methodical is low-risk tolerant and Individualist is high-risk tolerant

singlesong probably said it best.