Industry discount rates

Does anyone know where I can get the discount rates for a particultar industry. Particularly the printing and publishing industry And is it possible to ge tthe current and discount rate at the start of this year?

Morningstar publishes Ibbotson’s cost of capital study on a quarterly basis. They might have an online version as well.

It would be good if I could ge tsomething for free. We have the 2008 yearbook but its too old

10%, 13% for small cap. Done.

Thanks ali man, but what is your source? and that is current I presume. Are you able to tell waht it was for Dec 31, 2008? Thanks again Look up the publishing industry beta, apply the current risk-free rate and estimated market risk premium.

Thanks Zuran, Thats a great site. Only problem is working out when the data is from Im looking at the EBITDA multiple data for an individual company from the Europe sheet. It is the current january 2009 spreadsheet. So I am just not sure when the data is fomr. Is it Dec 31, 2008??

Upon further site its a great site for data but its too old. The guy needs to update, last time he did was Jan 2009

If you cannot figure out how derive a discount rate using at least three different approaches, you probably should not be using the data.

and 15% for unfunded microcap! haha

I can dipwad. I probably hsould have stated I need the EBITDA multiple data too, im not using that to derive the discount rate Im just questioning the relevance of the data since i think its very out of date. Now piss off

Obviously it is out of date. Discount rates change every second the market is open. The discount rate has changed since this thread was opened.

Dipwad, I was not referring to discount rates, and I was not referring to getting the info to be current, just on a aprticular date in the past. Stay out of thread please

Just calculate betas for the industry over the periods you’re interested in, unlever and re-lever for the specific firm you’re interested in. Then use CAPM…pretty easy to do.