Industry Terms You Can't Stand

I’ll start…“dry powder”


Then again, I may have the wrong industry.





low hanging fruit

touch base

run money

choke the goose

“P&L” instead of “income statement.”

“Income” when they mean “revenue”

I hate pretty much all the industry terms at this point.

Start the ball rolling Dry powder Any juice squeezing references Get them wet and excited

Start the ball rolling

Dry powder Any juice squeezing references Get them wet and excited

Can you give me some color on that

I don’t think you can dislike “synergies”. It’s the only word to describe what you’re talking about wrt to M&A stuff. It is often used incorrectly mind you. “The easy money has been made” - so there is easy money and hard money? “Get paid while you wait” - as opposed to getting paid while not waiting?

i hate saying “go hard” when there are women present. if i was a slime ball like STL i’m sure i’d privately get a kick out of saying it to women,. the worst is having to say “they are hard”, but it’s so much quicker than “they have waived contingencies” or “their deposit is non-refundable”.

deep diving into the financials

You guys pretty much covered everything.

Deep dive

Low hanging fruits


Touch Base - wtf does this even mean!!!

Get the ball rolling

BAU - (not sure if its used elsewhere, Business As Usual)

The 30,000 foot view.

What, no hate for leveraging?

(Exemption granted for “financial leverage,” e.g. using borrowed money or things like options and futures to magnify returns)

This time is different

Cautiously optimistic - generally means the guy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s on abt

It would make my day if I heard the last one from a women.

“Diversified” has been bugging me lately. If the time horizon is 25+ years in a qualified account and almost zero chance of selling, “return drag” can be substituted. Unless, you’re going to increase risk in times of distress, go sell your lower vol elsewhere. More money 25 years from now is what I desire. I really don’t care how I get there. Now a levered non-qualified account is a different story.

Isn’t it 50,000 feet? LOL. How high makes it a high level view? Can I say 10,000 feet? What about 100,000 feet?

Tailwind and headwind