info on CAIA

since a couple of you expressed interest in CAIA, here is the quickest way to learn about it I think it will be a good investment for later down the road, also, it is a smaller designation now, if it gets more and more traction, it will be nice to have it under your belt. plus, I dont know about level II or III CFA, but the hedge fund treatment in Level I was minimal

daj, if you look at the profile of port manager or analyst they all have cfa , so passing level 1 means you have boarded right bus

i like this bus then. goal is to be 31 and have CFA and CAIA charters under my belt.

Looking for this article Meredith, R., N. De Brito, and R. De Figueiredo. “Portfolio Management with Illiquid Investments.” Citi Alternative Investments. June 2006, p. 26-31. please help