info. on new CFA's work experience criteria anyone?

i heard that CFA institute has made strict guidelines for eligible work experience criteria to grant charter. Does anyone have detailed information on that?

They are having difficulty accepting my financial advisor experience. Still havent approved it, so I would say they are becoming ridiculously strict.

I’d be interested to hear what other ‘borderline’ work experience people have recently had accepted/rejected over the past year.

Rydex - yeah read your thread. Seriously if your work experience is rejected, dont know who exactly can they accept. CFAdetroit - yes i’d be interested to know such experiences too

I had a Performance Analyst position rejected based on my original description, I wrote back challenging the decision and sent in a more detailed outline of my responsibilities, and they ended up counting it. Considering GIPS is emphasized in Level 3, I figured I had a pretty good case. I’d suggest refining your job description, making sure you show how your position supported the investment-decision process.

JRH - would you like to tell details of your job as a performance analyst? and when did this happen?

I know three people preparing for their CFA in the following positions. What ar etheir chances? 1) Discount broker, mainly taking orders over the phone for stocks and options. 2) College professor teaching economics/finance? 3) Accountant with CPA working as CEO of a small manufacturing company?