Info on process for protecting IP

Hi All,

Probably the wrong forum in AF, but wanted to see if anyone had info about the process of protecting IP. I have an idea for an APP/Website that I legitimately believe could be worth millions of dollars. My strategy is to either file some type of patent in case some other company in SF or NYC comes out with something very similar one day and just be paid a settlement to go away OR actually actively pursue developing it.

Any outline of steps would be appreciated!

Confidence in a million dollar idea could very well be worth the patent process. But, this can be expensive. I’m not sure in the cost, but think it could be $5-10K+ (correct me if I’m wrong).

Value is usually determined by the ability to monetize demand. Is there demand? Can you monetize it?

I know a lawyer is usually needed. First things for me first are going to be this though…finding out if my idea is already patented. The goal would be for me to find this out before actually filing for the patent. IF it isn’t, I am going to 110 percent file for it. Do not care if it costs me 50k.

It is an industry disrupting concept that I think I have spotted an opportunity in, just need to make sure no one else “legally” has spotted and secured it first :slight_smile:

I think demographics and the trends in our culture here in the US point to significant demand and my idea is something that not at a foundational level, I actually really came up with. Two companies currently come to mind that are private, have insane valuations, and are what I view as true pioneers in a bigger and more persistent movement in technology that I want to be a part of.

What’s the idea bro? I won’t tell anyone.