Infuriating Work Experience My work experience matches up EXACTLY to one of the positions listed there. I pretty much copied exactly what was in the “acceptable” column to describe my experience. It was rejected due to needing more detail. WTF!! How can CFAI put an “acceptable” work experience on their website, and then tell me its not acceptable? WTF??? And when i call them, the guy on the line could give me no answers.

I would go into specific detail on an area that you tested whether it be AFS securities, Level 3 assets, or goodwill. That description looks way too generic on the webpage.

I recently had my work experience approved. I used the wording in specific LOS’ and adapted it to reflect my specific work tasks. For example, I adapted the LOS in the Level II curriculum related to using discounted cash flow models and comparable prciing models to the following: •Providing analytical and quantitative support to XX’s Investment Management Director, including developing discounted cash flow models and market based valuations using multiples based pricing models to assess the value of assets held in XX’s pension fund. I think the trick is to, as closely as posible, relate your work experience to the curriculum (i.e. LOS’) and try to use the same wording as the LOS’. Mike

yeah i’m re-writing the whole thing now, i just dont understand why they specifically state on their website “not acceptable” and “acceptable” and then what’s listed as “acceptable” is really “not acceptable”???

CFAI just approved my work experience. In 5 days!!. Paid $325 and bam! It was my second attempt btw. First, don’t try to convince the guy on the line, won’t help. Also, I agree with mikecocos because that’s exactly what I did. Plus I removed every experience unrelated to the curriculum. Keep it clean and focused. Maybe your job title is not matching your responsibilities? That’s could be factor too. Try saying the same thing in a different way. Good luck. itstoohot, CFA

i just tried again, we’ll see what happens. I wasnt trying to convince the guy on the line so much as i was trying to get some kind of answers, which he couldnt provide and proceeded to give me a serious attitude about…figured it wouldnt do me any good to argue with him so i left it alone.

its almost like they randomly choose to not accept some peoples info.

like, the guy couldn’t even understand my frustration. If something is specfically labeled as “acceptable” on the cfa institute website, and thats what you use, how is it rejected? Even if he had said something like “i understand your frustration, but there’s nothing you can do, i advise you to resubmit and add in more details” would’ve been fine. In his mind, i was the a***hole.

Maybe the fact that it was too close to the template/example is what gave them pause. Customize it a bit more if you can. Maybe they have had a rash of candidates who try to “fake” experience by using the templates?

whew, got it approved today. Just flipped through some of the LOS for L1 and L2 as i was writing it up, and picked the stuff that related to me…worked well. Thanks for the pointers, folks, society review is up next. If the CFAI approves, is there a chance the society may not approve??

I hadn’t thought of getting my work experience approved before completing the levels - actually I assumed it wouldn’t be possible. Could someone please outline the process and possibilities to me - apparently one can submit and resubmit any number of times; and there is a fee for this (payable on each submission?) - where can I find the info and the application form? I’m a little concerned about this issue, because my experience is unconventional (managing family funds, and not being a big institution employee). Thanks…

It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is access your profile and scroll towards the bottom and complete your work experience. After that, submit an application. For some reason, I never received feedback on the one I filled out last year, so I withdrew it and submitted another one.

also, they won’t review it until both sponsor statements are in

Sponsor statements?

Yes, sponsor statements

smileygladhands Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > also, they won’t review it until both sponsor > statements are in That makes sense, no wonder my application has been lingering for over a year.

bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > smileygladhands Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > also, they won’t review it until both sponsor > > statements are in > > That makes sense, no wonder my application has > been lingering for over a year. hahaha

Only after your sponsor says (basically agreed with or provided additional information about your work experience and vouched for you) whatever your work experience has said you are doing - does it go into Institute Review and then Local Society Review.