initiating coverage 3 years out

anyone forced to initiate coverage 3 years out, after undergrad? i know this doesn’t happen in the US because someone from our US team got promoted to VP and just started coverage but happens at my firm in hong kong just wondering if this is just my firm or is this an asia uncovered market thing ?

it has a lot more to do with asia being largely uncovered. in contrast, the us equities markets are generally saturated with senior analysts, and sometimes what prevents associates from moving up isn’t necessarily lack of skill/knowledge, but rather a lack of available stocks that could make for potential attractive coverage. that’s why you see so many of them moving to the buy side (as well as for other obvious reasons). however, from time to time, people do get coverage 3 years out of coverage…this is by far the exception rather than the rule. generally these people are on the cusp of being qualified enough to cover their own companies, but more often than not is also because it is an opportunistic promotion (i.e. their boss who was more senior left or got laid off, and it was cheaper to promote from within than hire someone from the outside to take over coverage)

and the return potential in asian markets adds to the stress anyone know if other firms in hong kong literally force their juniors to start coverage at a certain stage in their career?

never heard of anyone being “forced” to take coverage. if they didn’t wnat to, they could always leave, and i assume that people who were underqualified for the job wouldn’t be “forced” to take coverage unless they worked at a really junky bank.

seriously, this sounds like a great opportunity. most people are dying for their own coverage. this is a chance to step up and, if you’re good, build up some credibility and get your name out there. if you can work your way towards being a well-respected, possible ranked lead then you will be compensated accordingly.