ink pen or?

is there any specification of the pen which we shall use? I normally use ballpens and not ink pens…any specs. given by cfa or suggested by others?

guys any reply?

ball point is fine.

the same question obssesing me… i have sent a mail to cfai but not yet got any reply…

When I passed L3, I used a standard Bic ballpoint pen; but when results came out, I receieved a separate letter from CFAI indicating that these are unacceptable, and only Paper-Mate or Uni-Ball brand pens will suffice. Reason being that these companies use a certain shade of blue or black that CFAI markers require, whereas Bic’s shades of these colours don’t work with their marking templates. So I suggest you go and get a 4-pack of these pens ASAP and get used to writing with them, before Saturday. Good luck.

^Doesn’t the CFAI have to disclose referral arrangements?

^ Nah - same level of disclosure as they have for the calculator requirements.


L3 Buckaroo = hide posts from this user.

haha… i forgot you can do that.

I called CFA- 3 times- I talked to 3 different people. They said they recommend using pencil but it’s ok if you use pencil . They will not penalize you for writting with pencil Hope it hepls…

thanks anka… it’s very clear…

You mean the recommend using PEN but its ok if you use PENCIL

sorry bigwilly…i was too excited :slight_smile: wanted to share it with you

Anka, So it it recommended to use pencil or pen ? I am a little nervous. I plan to use pencil as it’s easier on the brain.

Forget pens and pencils, I’m bringing a box of Crayola crayons.


i’m with you pimp. the 64 box with the sharpener n the back… that way if other test takers don’t have an instrument i can supply 'em… Booya!

Seriously, may I write half of the questions in black and the other half in blue?

That’s what I’m gonna do, do calc in pencils and write conclusion in pen…who else is with me?